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Music Links

I might have been a teeny-weeny bit partial to Pink Floyd but these are some of my favorite music sites on the web...Lots of great lyrics links too(For those of you "Words(!)" people) Happy Surfin'!!!

Current Hits (Hindi)

All India Internet Radio

Radio India

Columbia House of Music

BMG Music Service

CD Now

Music Boulevard

Internet Music Resource Guide

Lyrics Page

Indian Film Music - WEB FM

Grendel's Lyrics Archive

Music Lyrics

LoveSong Lyrics

Meaningful Lyrics Area

Random 80's Lyrics

Words, Man.Just Words

Lyrics FTP Server

Dance Music Lyrics

Compendium of Mis-Understood Lyrics

Lyrics Report

Pink Floyd ROIO Database

Pink Floyd Archive

The Original Pink Floyd Links Page

The Pink Floyd Archives Page

The Pink Floyd "Pink Pink" Page

The Pink Floyd Internet Guide

Jeff and Ben's Pink Floyd Page

Guns N Roses Homepage

Bon Jovi Homepage

Boney M Homepage

Metallica Homepage

Metallica FAQ

Metallica Mailing List

Samir's Urdu/Hindi Music Page

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