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                                   My Hope

The angry swell of the waves 
mocking me
Was it schadenfreude?

The unceasing spray on my face
washing away
The tears now long dry

Tiny boats silhouetted against
the vast blue expanse
Me, a mere pawn of fate?

The incessant cries of the gulls
flying homeward
Nostalgia?nay, for I knew no home

The sunken feeling way down
in my middle
The angst in my breath?
The defeated doleful look
on my face,
the hollow pain in my chest

For I knew I had lost.... 
But wasn't there hope?
And so, hope I did.

The fury of the sea all of a sudden seemed
to die away
A balmy hand lent,
the labyrinth no longer seemed alien
I was home ...anchored and safe

For far in the distance
out of the unpenetrable darkness
There he was, striding towards me,
my life, my passion, 
He that was...
My Hope.

                                   Final peace

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