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Sourabh Sinha

Lysterbal Straat
16 Bus 3
2550 Kontich

phone :


Young Executive with two year experience in software design
and development.Excellent communications skills facilitate teamwork
and input during design,development and implementation process.

Educational Qualification

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology,
Minor : Engineering Management

Softawre Skills

Platforms used : Windows NT, Windows 95, DOS, UNIX
Languages : Visual C++, Visual Basic, C, Pascal
Conversant with : COM/ActiveX, Win32 API, NT Internals
Compilers/Tools : MS Visual C++(Ver 5.0), MFC, ATL
Design Approach : Object Oriented Design & Analysis technique (By Coad and Yourdan, Booch)
Other Software : Sourcesafe version control, Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint
relevant skills : Conversant with ISO 9000 quality process

Professional skills

Presently Working in a Mobile Data Communication company in belgium
on a telecommunication project involving integration of mail gateways
with the GSM.
Experience of a year and half in development and implementation of
real time system such as flight simulators for Indian Air Force (MiG
21) using Object oriented technology (Coad and Yourdan technique) and
Visual C++ under Windows NT and Windows 95 platforms. These real time
solutions consist of Visual simulation (using Open GL) , Audio
simulation and the scheduler which is meant for multitasking,
networking and scheduling the events (using NT internals).

Professional Experience

Oct 1997 - Present

Working at MD-Co(Mobile Data Communication), Belgium under
the development group which is involved in developing the gateways
for mail transmission through GSM. This involves creating software
components (COM components) such as Personal messenger , visual Dispa .

As Developer

Designed the basic model for the communication protocol for
transferring the data through the GSM attached to the serial port to
another GSM.
Developed the Com components using the ATL and Visual C++ 5.0 on
Windows NT platform which can be used in any environment.
Developed the Gateway for SMS messages through the MS Exchange server.
Developed the bulk test applications for testing the COM objects in
Visual Basic.

June 1996- Oct1997

Worked at RAMCO Systems , Chennai under Modeling and simulation
group. This group is involved in the development and implementation
of real time solution for simulators (Airforce , Navy and Army). The
solution consist of providing realistic visual effects (virtual
reality) integrated with Audio effects, communication with hardware
and control logic for the simulation .
Worked on the development of flight simulator for MiG 21 kind of aircraft for Indian Air Force.

As Analyst Programmer

Designed and developed the generic model for fighter aircraft using
object oriented design technique.
Developed and integrated the logic control modules for various
systems used in a aircraft.
Assisted in the Development of the Visual simulation using Open GL
(Graphics Library) which is compatible with Visual C++. Realistic
effects were created with the help of lighting and texturing.
Developed the audio simulation using the low level APIís provided by
the visual c++ (ver 4.2) which involves filling buffers for playback
at run time.
Lead the team for software and hardware for installation of first
simulator of type MiG 21 at Chandigarh, INDIA.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 1st September 1974
Marital Status : Single
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indian
Permanent Address : 559/KHA/82, Srinagar, Lucknow INDIA 2260005